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An Innovative and International School!

Sphere International School is innovative in its approach to education, focused on the personalization of learning, developing the balance between academic rigor and humanized education, and fostering an international mindset, based on a globalized curriculum connected with the world.
Promoting education in a welcoming environment, through a cycle of respect and empathy, Sphere creates learning environments capable of engaging future leaders so that they can understand themselves and understand the importance of the relationship between people, to expand not only their personal knowledge, but also those of society and thus, transform the world!

An Innovative and International School!


With an innovative and exclusive pedagogical proposal, Sphere meets the needs of 21st century students because it provides a balance between academic rigor and humanized education, offering students a complete and rounded formal education.
Using the OPEN Framework, Sphere's own pedagogical model, ensures the development of soft and hard skills early on, forming confident, empathetic, emotionally intelligent and socially conscious adults and professionals, independent of which path they decide to take in the future.


Excellence in multilingual teaching favors the expansion of the student's repertoire and, with pedagogical intention, languages are strengthened as new knowledge is also strengthened. Thinking and interacting in two or more languages cause the student to establish constant references and connections, expanding their possibilities of meaning.
The international curriculum, in turn, brings innovation in education, because it goes beyond the monocultural perspective and follows a structure that brings together the best educational practices of each country, in addition to presenting new possibilities and different realities for students.

What does a multilingual education look like at Sphere

At Sphere we believe that language is a means of expression that a child uses to be able to communicate, interact and problem solve. The first language that our students learn is that of affection and, throughout their school journey, they will have contact with other diverse languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese and also arts and technology. When we observe an international education, we understand that it goes far beyond immersion in two languages, it is really a passport to the world.

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The development of global citizenship and interculturality requires a teaching approach that values the resolution of problems situated and connected to real life, whether local or global.
Complete Development
Sphere students develop fully, broaden their understanding and learn to identify their emotions. At Sphere International School, the curriculum prioritizes holistic learning, which emphasizes not only hard skills, but also soft skills, which form part of the students´ curriculum from the Early Childhood years.
Pedagogical Proposal
Sphere's pedagogical proposal is composed of different approaches. The international curriculum facilitates the selection of the best academic practices from around the world, bringing the best to our students. This is made possible because our academic team is constantly engaged in continuous training, updating and furthering their knowledge and engaging in important debates to ensure an education in constant transformation.

Student Testimonials

"Adapting to a new environment is a skill that I’ve learned during my time at Sphere, from being in contact with different languages, cultures and projects, and that skill has helped me throughout my journey. Being able to think outside the box, and having the confidence to project and execute my ideas was also something Sphere encouraged me throughout every class project."
Bárbara Dias

Accreditations and Partnerships

IB World School

Sphere International School - São José dos Campos is authorized by the IB to offer the Primary Years Programme – PYP, for students aged 3 to 11, from Preschool to Elementary School up to Grade 5, the MYP Programme – MYP for Middle School up to Grade 9 and is a Candidate School for the Diploma Programme (DP).q