Our purpose is to educate young leaders who will make a difference in the world, through an innovative and connected pedagogical proposal

educate young leaders who will make a difference in the world

Our Pedagogical Approach

At Sphere, knowledge is the result of a collective construction that begins with a process of investigation and that results in the formation of people equipped to deal with new and unpredictable problems, in local or global contexts.

In addition to concepts, knowledge and content, the Sphere student develops skills that prepare him for the future. The pedagogical proposal is aligned with the National Common Curriculum Base (BNCC), the international curriculum and UNESCO projects, bringing together the best educational philosophies in the world to offer a highly globalized and up-to-date education.

There is no longer just one way to organize the essential understandings and school practices that will support students in their learning trajectories, but what we believe is that different pathways will also lead to differentiated results for each learner. It is with this in mind that Sphere is committed to the education of young innovators, critics and leaders, who can make a difference for future generations. The school is dedicated to dynamic pedagogical practices, balancing contextualized teaching and academic rigor in various areas of knowledge.

The investigation process arouses curiosity and generates engagement, as Sphere believes that there is more than one way to solve a problem. New generations have access to a variety of technological resources and information, but how can they discuss and contextualize their knowledge, to enable the formation of new concepts? In the investigation process, students go through steps also known as the “Inquiry Cycle”.

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The inquiry cycle can be found within Sphere's own unique model: The "OPEN Framework", based on project and activity pathways, which aims to develop knowledge and skills, ethical principles, socioemotional balance and the awareness needed to address local and global challenges.

OPEN Framework

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Our unique OPEN Framework model allows the student to discover who they are and develop into global citizens open to the world and its opportunities.

Academic Goals

Every Sphere school aims to ensure each student develops the skills to:

  1. Take responsibility for themselves and for their own learning, being able to act, make choices, and reflect on their actions.
  2. Relate to others and their environment in a respectful and collaborative way.
  3. Develop logical thinking skills and solve mathematical problems using own and conventional strategies.
  4. Read, interpret, create and critically produce different types of texts, using clarity, coherence and considering the different contexts and interlocutors.
  5. Understand, use and create digital information and communication technologies in an ethical, meaningful, critical and reflective way.
  6. Express themselves orally with clarity and confidence, and to make use of multiple languages.
  7. Develop attitudes and strategies of scientific research in various areas of knowledge.

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